The Virtual Heritage Blog is run by Elin and Jenny, two heritage professionals and students with various specializations within the virtual heritage field. They are based in Sweden where they run their own consulting business helping cultural heritage organisations and institutions in a wide range of issues concerning heritage and technology, information and standards.

Elin Ivarsson

Virtual Heritage Specialist

Elin holds a total of four university degrees, three undergraduate degrees in the fields Archaeology, Literature and Cultural Anthropology, and a Master in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies where she specialized in Virtual Museums. All degrees were issued by the University of Uppsala in Sweden, but she has also studied internationally in Italy and in the UK.

Elin also worked within the heritage field at various heritage institutions in Sweden and currently divides her time between further graduate studies and a job as a heritage consultant.

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Jenny Rosander

Digital Collections Specialist

Jenny got an extensive career in the heritage field behind her, having worked at numerous regional museums throughout Sweden. She has worked with everything from museum teaching to digitization, digital collections and exhibition production. She has also worked on various projects internationally, for example a pilot project on classification.

She is studying for a Bachelor degree in Museology where she specialize in classification and digital collections. She is also studying for a second degree in e-services and work as a heritage consultant.

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